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Lana B (Lana Brodskaya) was born in the ancient town of Samarkand in Uzbekistan. At the age of nine she was accepted to the experimental studio of popular music "Resonance". Lana B began training vocal skills professionally. Thus began her creative career and first successes. A year later, Lana B became the laureate of the musical contest "Morning Star", held in Samarkand, where she won the first honored place in the vocal genre.

A few years later she again appeared in the competition “Morning Star”, but already as a host together with the manager of the studio “Resonance” V.V. Solovyov. In the competition “Sing with us”, which gathered together representatives of all musical directions from all over Uzbekistan, Lana B won the most important thing for the singer - this is the love of the public of the whole country, i.e. the prize of audience likes.


All this time she toured with a studio throughout Uzbekistan. So, in 2000, Lana B with her family came for a permanent live in Israel. After 4 months, combining her studies in the Ulpan (such a school for the learning of Hebrew and the traditions of Israel), she began her creative activity from zero. However, the work on the debut solo album began only four years later.

And in 2005, she was invited to Russia to represent Israel at the international musical contest of vocal skill “Sea Knot”, which took place in the city of Novorossiysk. The vivid performance of the singer did not leave indifferent the Russian-speaking audience in the form of 74% of their votes, as the most liked performer, SMS voting, which took place throughout Russia. And also the respected jury, represented by the first stars of the Russian show business, awarded Lane B the third honored place.

Lana B became the singular participant in the competition, who took away two high awards at once. So, after three years of long and continuous work on creating her own disc, on September 9, 2007, the first presentation of the debut album “Придумал ее такой ...” took place. The official website www.lanab.co.il was also built. where you can get not only information, but also listen and download songs. Today these songs are deservedly called hits, they are played in all Russian clubs and radio stations in Israel, as well as beyond its borders throughout Europe.

In July 2008, Lana B represented Israel in Belarus at the Slavianski Bazaar as an honored guest of the festival. In 2009, the author's single “In My Dreams” was released. In 2010, together with an Israeli DJ, Lana B released two covers for the songs “Coraso” - “Крылья для любви” & ”Ritm is a dancer” - “Если ты захочешь”. In the beginning of 2011, songs were written under the title “Без тебя” and “Где-то там” which were released as singles. And in the March of the same year in Moscow they shot a video clip on the song “Без тебя”, which has already been broadcast on television on the channel “Russian Music Box”.

So, in 2016, some changes took place in the career of Lana B, exactly she decided to try herself in the oriental genre. And together with the Israel singer Efiel Yagudaev, the single "Испания" was released. The joint duet had a great success, and so another joint single came out, a more lyrical composition called
"Две души”.

In addition to duets with Efiel Yagudaev, the solo performance in the oriental genre was so successful that Lana B released the author's single “Любовь моя”. As Lana B says herself, a person who was born and grown up in Middle Asia cannot be indifferent and does not like oriental tunes! So without leaving the pop stage, she managed to find herself and success on the east street all over the world!


In 2018, the new song was released under the name “Эмблема” in a duet with Ariel Abramov (word and music by Arsen Kasiev). They also shot a video clip for this song, which blew up all the dance floors at celebrations both in Israel and beyond. in October 2018, the new author’s song "Балуешь" was released.      In tandem with the singer’s close friend DJ Eli Wais. They also shot a colorful summer video clip for this song, which is already in rotation in all social networks and music channels.

In 2019, the new song “Доченьки” was released.  They shot an art clip, in which the daughters of the singer took part. The Russian cover version of the legendary song by Michael Jackson was introduced by the singer herself in the 2019. Lana B is the author of the text, the song is called "Навсегда люблю ...". In the same year, Lana B released the single "Мама", which conquered many maternal hearts. The singer began the new 2020 year from the single "Будь моим ..", the first romantic work after dance hits. In March 2020, Lana B introduced the cover “Желаю” in the oriental interpretation.

Lana B works much and persistently,successfully tours round the world.

To be continued....